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Mar 14

Butterflies and Badges

Sooo. I work a lot. I have a lot of papers to write for school. I usually fall into bed by 10:30, and I frequently have 8 a.m. meetings. I do nothing else. Mostly, I don’t know what people are talking about at the office. I don’t know where things are. I was sad for a […]

Feb 12

Dream Job Interpretation

(EDITED TO ADD: I have a whole new, never-before-seen post on Thought Catalog about dating divorced men. Remember when I used to date? Those were some good times.) Last night I dreamt that: — I was wrong about the time of my new job orientation and missed it; — Wandering around the endless maze of […]

Feb 07

Shoot The Moon

I’ve never really had any professional ambition, other than to be able to buy myself things and go on vacation and have people like me. I entered college as an international studies major, somehow thinking that I was going to wind up working in the foreign service in France. When I quit school, I was […]

Nov 01

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

I’ve told you most of this before–I’m from a working class family, no one cared what I did in high school, I was the first in my family to go to college, we were utterly clueless about how all of that stuff worked, standardized test scores changed the course of my life, I got into a […]

Aug 22

Narnia v. Ohio

I don’t talk about my job much here, both because blogging about your job is not very smart and because I know I’m damn lucky to have it.  It’s the best job anyone in my family has probably ever had, and while I do occasionally find myself crying in the bathroom from frustration, it’s not […]

Jul 26

When I Grow Up (The Angsty Work Post)

The first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a singer.  We lived in an old house with low windows, and I used to play my WHAM! tape and croon along, kneeling at the casement and hanging my head over the porch roof.  I thought it was fairly likely that I would […]

Jul 07

Geographic Cure

Lying in bed last night, sleepless again despite a purloined Sonata, I started fantasizing about different jobs. This is a sign of stress for sure; I’ve been both indulging in escapist fantasies and taking what I think of as flight naps, where I fall deeply and profoundly asleep purely to avoid the noise in my […]