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Jul 08

Postscript: The Lieu Chronicles

I thought whomever is still reading this might enjoy the final update in this tale. Stories for the stage have become my outlet in place of this blog,  but I have been missing this space… and all of you…fiercely.  I think I’ll be back soon, for a while.  Much to tell.

Nov 18

By South Dakota Avenue I Sat Down and Wept

This is my last Monday night in my murky, beloved English basement apartment in Mt. Pleasant — blue carpet, ill-considered Sun-Drenched Denim walls. Not that there is any magic about Monday. I just popped across the street to the liquor store to buy Diet Coke and paused a moment to savor the hummus selection in […]

Oct 20


It’s these cusps that are hardest — the time between feeling so awful I think I will die and feeling, frankly, kind of fantastic. Which of these states is real? Which is the real me? It occurred to me that this is like having cancer that recurs. I know that seems dramatic, but it IS […]

Oct 18

Signs You May Have Made a Hasty Real Estate Decision

1.  You know ahead of time that your housewarming party will be potluck out of financial necessity. 2.  You keep accidentally calling your new neighborhood (Brookland) “Brokeland.” 3.  You and the U.S. now have approximately the same budget deficit. 4.  You maybe rushed things because of your ENORMOUS crush on your realtor. In retrospect, you […]

Apr 11

38 Things I Appreciate at 38

1. I get to talk to my grandma today. I spent a harrowing few days in the hospital with her last month, and I am extra grateful to still have her in my life today. 2. Good friends who are throwing me a happy hour tonight whether I want it or not. 3. Silver white […]

Mar 15

Scintilla #1: Me and Mr. Henry’s

(This is the Scintilla Project. I like that word, I like their prompts, and I want to keep blogging but stop WHINING so much, so I’m trying this. This type of commitment is not my strong suit, but let;s give it a whirl.) PROMPT #1: Tell a story about a time you got drunk before you […]

Mar 13

When you hear hoofbeats

Did you know that changing jobs is one of the most stressful things you can do? Did you know that handling externally imposed stress is not one of the life skills at which I excel? My old boss called me today at 6:45 p.m. and when I picked up the phone she said by way […]

Mar 12

It probably is too much to ask, actually (and an OC update)

Did I ever tell you that I once figured out the identity of a fellow DC blogger based on an entry she wrote about two other people I know, even though she disguised their identities and the events portrayed in the story? Did I tell you about the time a woman I’ve known casually for […]

Mar 07

Decision Point: Office Crush (The Good One!)

You see, I have two office crushes. Part of me believes that everything –EVERYTHING — in life is about timing. That a person with whom you could have been best friends, or lifetime lovers, might simply pass beneath your radar if you meet them at the wrong time. This is especially true in dating. I […]

Mar 06

Burying the lede (for which I was also criticized)

So, I wrote that last post about my unfair review and how I cannot deal with criticism and the next day I got a call about a  new job. I start Monday. BOOM — do not mess with me, mean people. And darling universe — I appreciate the endless job opportunity you send my way, […]