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Apr 02

60 in January 2013

My sister wants to hike Macchu Picchu, or possibly go to Cambodia. She is training for some kind of running event– for fun.  She never stops moving (and I celebrate that about her when I can quell the annoyance it causes me.) I want to go to Istanbul, or Morocco, or–if someone would be my […]

Feb 22

Wherever You Go

I used to love to watch him drive. Something about handing over the keys to my Jeep and settling in to the passenger seat, the chance to study his profile unabashedly, made me  deeply, profoundly content. I dove into those moments when they came, absorbing their flavor and texture, memorizing every contour, because I knew […]

Nov 22

Some Initial Thoughts on Paris

What is there to say about Paris that hasn’t been said? There is something magic there. I don’t know why. Despite living in DC for 18 years, I don’t really love urbanity–especially unfamiliar urbanity. I don’t enjoy New York for its own sake; only because my friends are there.  In fact, I was a little […]

Sep 26

I’d Be Lion If I Said It Wasn’t Terrifying, Part 1

My sister’s flirtatious nature almost got me killed in Tanzania. To appreciate this, you’ll need some background. First, all of the women in my family (save me) are natural vamps. Let’s say our family name is Beekman. (Close.) My mother and her sisters all have the Beekman Butt, and to go with it, the Beekman […]

Aug 02

Wedding Weekend Three: Mini-Apple and the Big Chill

“You know what I hate?” I confide as we thread our way out of the pub, past throngs of boisterous Midwesterners perspiring and lawn bowling.  “People I don’t know.” “Me too!” he exclaims, thrusting an arm out to forge a path.  “And you know what I hate even more? Meeting new people.” “Oh my god, […]

Jun 13

Wedding weekend two

I am at a fabulous wedding in Hawaii. I am staying in a fabulous house with fabulous people I love. I had a pretty promising date the day before I left. I know I’m a lucky girl. Yet right now I’m hiding out in the back with a glass of wine and a stolen cigarette, […]

May 31

Wedding Weekend One

This summer I will attend five weddings, one a month from May to September. I have plenty of dresses and shoes and cunning little purses to carry me through–as well as travel survival kits, since they are scattered all over the country–though I sometimes wonder if I have the emotional wherewithal to survive the schedule. […]