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Jan 19

Genius Idea for Dating Website!

1.  Gitcher Groupon,  Gitcher Groupon* Surely I’m not the only person who gets gentle reminders all the time from Groupon and Living Social that my deals are about to expire.  Yet it isn’t every day that I want to go to Top Golf or eat at a restaurant that sounded vaguely good in a neighborhood […]

Nov 30

IJMM Strike One, and Some Dating Tips for Men

The million dollar date has been had, and lo, it hath failed. As I said on Twitter: To recap, I didn’t like him but I’m kind of annoyed that he didn’t like me. I did wear a piece of arugula on my boob for part of the date, until he pointed it out, so maybe […]

Nov 26

Old Wounds and New Horizons

I had a great day with Lieu today, and that’s the problem.  All the time I spend with him is good for me because I love him; I get to be near him, and smell him, and hug him hello.  And in a way, I get to relax; I’m the quietest version of myself with […]

Nov 18

Dating and Doubting

To recap, Lieu broke up with me, but subsequently received some bad news that caused me to suspend my plan to not see him again as long as he is refusing to put out.  Since then, we’ve been talking almost every day and seeing each other once a week or so.  Suddenly, he is all […]

Aug 30

Q4 Dating Outlook Rocky, As Romantic Starts Continue to Decline

Dudes, I am losing the thread of this dating thing.  Here’s where we stand: Lieu Current conditions: Cloudy, with an omnipresent chance of disappearance.  I think he is interpreting our open relationship differently than I am.  Actually, I strongly suspect that he is distracted by dating someone else.  I know!  Who could ever have predicted […]

Aug 12

Scared Straight…er. Ish.

As I have said before, while I still get fooled once in a while, when I first started dating last fall I was dumb as a box of rocks, believing what people said and taking them at face value and other such unbelievably naive idiocy.  This is the story of how that changed. The Architect […]

Aug 09

Your Guide To Online Dating, Part 1: Decoding the Email Address

In the first part of this series (which was only going to be one post but accidentally got really long) we learn to make snap judgments based on people’s email addresses. 1.  What a person’s domain name says about them I live way out in the Virginia suburbs, perhaps not in my mother’s basement, […]

Aug 08

I Read Craigslist So You Don't Have To

That last post was a little bit…weepy.  I thought it might make me feel better to mock other people for a while, and catalog their imperfections instead of my own (I have my whole life to do that, and you should see my drafts folder!) (Thanks for all the comments and emails too, by the […]

Aug 03

Good People and Bad Dates

I knew I should not have gone on this date.  I knew it when we set it up last week, and I knew it with growing certainty all day today. But I believe that dating is a numbers game, and that people–myself included–don’t necessarily know what they actually do and don’t like in a partner. […]

Jul 02

Dating Quandaries Over Which I Often Puzzle, Part One

Is it really okay for a woman to make first contact, or does this set up some kind of power imbalance which the whole rest of our interaction will be devoted to repairing? How soon after a date should I expect contact, and what do the varying time frames mean? Does a next-day text mean […]