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Feb 07

Shoot The Moon

I’ve never really had any professional ambition, other than to be able to buy myself things and go on vacation and have people like me. I entered college as an international studies major, somehow thinking that I was going to wind up working in the foreign service in France. When I quit school, I was […]

Jun 22

I Need a Meme

A quote I like “The only way to write is well, and how you do it is your own damn business.” A.J. Liebling A book I like Read several good ones lately: Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven by Susan Jane Gilman: Awesome story about a disastrous trip through China just after it opened […]

Jan 20

Spoiled for Choice: Mars, Venus, Jam, and The Rules

(If you’re visiting for the first time, take a minute to enter the giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card and some blog assistance. Thanks!) Reading this recent  interview with one of the two (male) authors of a forthcoming book, “Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate and Think About Marrying”,  I thought, […]

Jan 10

The Narrative Arc

I recently found one of my high school best friends, Heidi, on Facebook.  Heidi and I were fiercely connected–I was her labor coach when she had her first baby at 19–but we lost touch after I returned to DC for good.  (The first picture of hers I saw on Facebook was of that now-16-year-old baby […]

Oct 20


And then we came to the end. Lieu broke up with me last night.  I know, the most stunning thing about that statement is that he still had the option, that I let him be the one to make the call after his less than stellar behavior of late.  But I did; I am either a complete […]

Oct 12

The Great Dating Experiment, One Year In

I wasn’t blogging when the Great Dating Experiment began, but as near as I can figure this is the one year anniversary of my first date.  Which was a disaster. Since then, I have been on 22 first dates.  Of those, 12 have at least made noise about a second date, and I’ve seen 8 […]

Sep 28

Wedding Weekend 4: Tick-Tock Edition

I spent the weekend in the Pennsylvania countryside, toasting the wedding of a boy whose diapers I clearly remember changing. It was a family wedding, replete with in-laws and outlaws and people barely speaking to each other and new significant others who must be incorporated.   For all that, it was lovely, probably the nicest […]

Sep 23

I Walk the Line

My overwhelming thought when I saw Walk the Line, the story of Johnny Cash’s career, his self-destructive lifestyle, and how the love of a good woman saved him, was Women like me do not need to see stories like this. We already can–and have–and do– waste good years of our lives convinced that the sunshine […]

Aug 16

The Shouldn’ts, the Impossibles, the Won’ts

It began with a corny joke I couldn’t resist sending on Friday afternoon. Well, it began in December, with a smart and funny reply to an ad I posted on Craigslist. Or maybe it began when he took my hand on our first date and electricity shot up my arm. But the most recent time […]

Aug 05

Dating Update: The Common Denominator

Right now the sky is dark and ominous, the air heavy and torpid, and if this were a novel I’d be using that as a device to let you know what my mood is like, but this is just another inane blog so I’ll be blunt: This is not a happy post.  I am not […]