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Aug 20

Protected: The bad kind of chemistry

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Feb 07

Shoot The Moon

I’ve never really had any professional ambition, other than to be able to buy myself things and go on vacation and have people like me. I entered college as an international studies major, somehow thinking that I was going to wind up working in the foreign service in France. When I quit school, I was […]

Jan 13

Shit Therapists Say

“But how do you feeeeeel about that?” “But how do YOU feel about that?” “I think you’re angry at your mother.” “Seems like that’s really pinging on some old stuff.” “Codependency for Dummies.” “I see.” “No, I don’t take insurance.” “Really? Is that what you really think? Are you sure?” “Let it aaaalllll out.” “In […]

Oct 10


One of my favorite things to do each year is go to Butler’s Orchard with my cousin and her family. There is a corn maze, and a hayloft for jumping, and church ladies selling pit beef sandwiches that we eat on sloping picnic tables. We take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and search carefully […]

Sep 23

The Big Hand Theory of Life Improvement

Lately, I am just over it. I’m over my job, over my love life, over being sad about Lieu, over trying to think of what to do with all of this unwanted free time.  Over the city and all the people in it who never come over to cuddle on the couch and make out. […]

May 31

The Lesson of the Shrink Dump

Remember that time last summer when my shrink dumped me? One thing I have learned in therapy is that I hate talking about myself; I find self-disclosure gauche and un-ladylike. KIDDING of course, because I am totally writing about therapy on my blog RIGHT THIS SECOND.  Fooled you for a minute though. One thing I have […]

May 13

(Doctor’s) Note to Self

I have an unshakable belief in my latent abilities as a diagnostician.  My credentials include thousands of Reader’s Digest articles about people bravely battling diseases (all read before age 18; Reader’s Digest is sophisticated reading material in Ohio and I was always happy to babysit for folks classy enough to own the bound editions); lots of New Yorker science […]

Jan 15

Things I Learned in Therapy (So Far)

1.  Mirroring For a while when things were at their worst, I attended group therapy sessions with a bunch of other depressed women.  It was just about as awful as it sounds.  I hated it, partly because sessions were held at an inconvenient time, partly because I am a control freak who prefers to lead […]

Oct 11

Dear Me: Review the Rules Edition

Dear C_girl, I am a 35-year-old single woman.  Until October of 2009, I hadn’t been on a date for over six years.  Now, I’ve been dating a guy for ten months.  He is recently divorced and pretty emotionally damaged from it.  I think I love him, but he treats me like I barely exist most […]

Sep 29

You Can't Fire Me Because I Quit

My shrink is breaking up with me. It stings. I’ve had four shrinks in the last ten years.  I retained the first, an older woman named Mrs. Smith, when my mother divorced my stepfather and I was forced to realize that if she thought he was a dick, too, then all our suffering had been […]