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Aug 30

Q4 Dating Outlook Rocky, As Romantic Starts Continue to Decline

Dudes, I am losing the thread of this dating thing.  Here’s where we stand: Lieu Current conditions: Cloudy, with an omnipresent chance of disappearance.  I think he is interpreting our open relationship differently than I am.  Actually, I strongly suspect that he is distracted by dating someone else.  I know!  Who could ever have predicted […]

Jun 23

Mojo Rising

I have a lot of mojo. (As an aside, isn’t it annoying when people use childish nonsense words to refer to anything associated with sexuality?  Like mojo for sex drive or hoo-ha for vagina?  I hate that.) (As an aside, I had a minor hoo-ha operation the other day but don’t worry!  It was routine […]

May 18

Dating and Not Dating

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I used to work on a dock. Okay, that’s not true, but I didn’t have sex for six years. I would rather have worked on a dock. Six. That’s a lot of years. From the time I was 28 until I was 34. My sex life became […]