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Dec 05


  The thing that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up was when she asked about a specific plumbing problem I’ve been having, and chided me for planning to take care of it myself when it’s not my responsibility. My toilet has been leaking for weeks, and my landlords are not […]

Aug 11

Ten Thing Thursday

1. I am off work next week. Going to Ohio for most of it and New Hampshire for a couple of days, where I will do my best to live free or die. (I love that state motto, but I think it could be improved with some more punctuation. What if there was a movie […]

Nov 02

The Truth About Kids and Dogs

I have (very) part-time custody of a big, neurotic, snuggly brown dog. I also have a cold. Both the dog and the cold are staying with me this week, disrupting my insular, mostly selfish life. I can’t pamper myself as I would like to, because I have deadlines at work and no backyard and the […]

Aug 24

Emergency Egg Recall

Dear C_Girl: We, your ovaries, would like to immediately recall all of the good eggs we have carelessly released over the past 24 years. True, some of them were duds, and would have produced only dumpy, towheaded moppets with blurry features and a dull intellect. Some, however, were magnificent and would potentially have produced MacArthur […]