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Feb 02

Blind Date Haiku (IJMM Strike 2)

3 p.m. I hate everything. Should have straightened my hair Disaster looms. Oy. 4 p.m. Snow cancellation? I never get that lucky. I hate this outfit. 5 p.m. Goddamn stupid Lieu. Just need three small words from him To hop off this train. 5:30 p.m. Of course my boss wants To meet now. The world […]

Nov 30

IJMM Strike One, and Some Dating Tips for Men

The million dollar date has been had, and lo, it hath failed. As I said on Twitter: To recap, I didn’t like him but I’m kind of annoyed that he didn’t like me. I did wear a piece of arugula on my boob for part of the date, until he pointed it out, so maybe […]

Nov 26

Old Wounds and New Horizons

I had a great day with Lieu today, and that’s the problem.  All the time I spend with him is good for me because I love him; I get to be near him, and smell him, and hug him hello.  And in a way, I get to relax; I’m the quietest version of myself with […]