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Oct 21

Now I feel weird drinking this beer, he said ruefully

I met Tad on Tinder on March 1. I mean, has any love story ever had a more beautiful beginning? I liked his sweet, boyish face and beautiful blue-green eyes. The way that, in the beginning, I made him so nervous that he would fidget all the time. His big, huge, colossal brain. At the […]

Apr 08

What Up With The Mindreading, PostSecret?

My friends always work their way around to asking me if I’m dating–and no, I’m not. I feel like I should be but the effort it would take to do so is laughably beyond my current capacity.  Plus, as I only selectively admit in real life, I’m not quite ready. Em asked me yesterday, as […]

Nov 29

Dating Do or Don’t: Connection, Companionship, Coitus, and Commitment

To date or not to date…that is the question. CONS 1. From experience, dating involves a lot of time spent making small talk with men who have no idea how have a successful social interaction, and who choose not to conform to basic social norms around meeting new people like “ask questions” and “make eye […]

Sep 18

Wherein I Betray the March of Herstory

My mother recently gave me a huge, heavy, ornately framed mirror that calls out to be hung on the wall above my bed. I’ve had it for a month. Now, I have been a single woman for eternity, and lived in rickety old houses for that long too, so I know how to hang things. […]

Aug 18

Thoughts on Loneliness

I don’t think it was loneliness that spurred me to start dating again in 2009. I think it was hopefulness (and horniness.)  My life was in a bit of a flux, as I was just coming out of a period of working maniacally around the clock and every weekend for a couple of years, and […]

Aug 03

Always Listen To Your Heart. Except When It Lies.

Today is hard, for some reason.  Nothing I do distracts me from the brick of sadness that sits in my stomach, interfering with the important work of my diaphragm.  I keep catching myself taking deep, almost gasping breaths. Like that is going to change anything. It’s a very first-world problem, I know.  I feel a […]

Aug 01

First Date Questionnaire: 30-something Edition

  1.  On a scale of 1-10, how frightened are you of commitment? 2. Oh really? And that’s why you’re still single/divorced? 3. Complete the following sentence: When I think of my most significant past relationship, I… a) masturbate furiously. b) stalk him/her via every available social media outlet. c) pour a drink and toast […]

Jul 28

UPDATED: Post-Dating Blog Topic Possibilities

I forgot about these.   You Are More Likely To Be Struck By Lightning Than To Get Married After Forty, And Why I Pray That There Is No Third Option Mom, I’m A Lesbian*. Just Kidding! But You’re Never Getting Grandchildren Because I Am Now Too Old That Stupid Motherfucker And How He Did Me […]

Jun 28

Lightning Always Striking Somewhere

This morning, I had some very minor oral surgery done.  I casually texted Lieu last night to tell him about it, mostly because it was happening very close to his office and I knew I might see him on the street.  He picked up the phone and called me immediately (a noticeable violation of our […]

Mar 17

I’m Sure It Will All Go Perfectly.

Lieu and I are going to New York this weekend.  We are staying in a nice hotel, going to a show on Broadway (great seats!), and hanging out with my best friends from college. You know, just like people in casual relationships do. I am anxious about (and excited for) this weekend in a million […]