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Oct 21

Now I feel weird drinking this beer, he said ruefully

I met Tad on Tinder on March 1. I mean, has any love story ever had a more beautiful beginning? I liked his sweet, boyish face and beautiful blue-green eyes. The way that, in the beginning, I made him so nervous that he would fidget all the time. His big, huge, colossal brain. At the […]

Nov 03

Pluck It Out

It’s funny that I just talked about this in therapy on Monday. I know there’s one more smack coming, when he unfriends me on Facebook, I told her. Anything I ever say that ties my emotional well-being to free social media platforms makes me want to kick myself in the face, but there you have […]

Oct 20


I read a post this morning that reminded me painfully of everything I hate about dating. It’s been just over two months since the break-up, and I feel absolutely cold when I think about going out with someone new. I’ve been browsing profiles for a couple of weeks, and I haven’t seen anyone who tripped […]

Oct 16

If Wishes Were Fishes

I had dinner last week with my roommate from freshman year, who I haven’t seen, or really been in touch with at all, in years.  I idolized her when we lived together, and thought she was the most worldly and dazzling person I’d ever met–which, I guess, she was.  I can’t remember  exactly why we […]

Oct 10


One of my favorite things to do each year is go to Butler’s Orchard with my cousin and her family. There is a corn maze, and a hayloft for jumping, and church ladies selling pit beef sandwiches that we eat on sloping picnic tables. We take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and search carefully […]

Aug 18

Thoughts on Loneliness

I don’t think it was loneliness that spurred me to start dating again in 2009. I think it was hopefulness (and horniness.)  My life was in a bit of a flux, as I was just coming out of a period of working maniacally around the clock and every weekend for a couple of years, and […]

Aug 11

Ten Thing Thursday

1. I am off work next week. Going to Ohio for most of it and New Hampshire for a couple of days, where I will do my best to live free or die. (I love that state motto, but I think it could be improved with some more punctuation. What if there was a movie […]

Aug 03

Always Listen To Your Heart. Except When It Lies.

Today is hard, for some reason.  Nothing I do distracts me from the brick of sadness that sits in my stomach, interfering with the important work of my diaphragm.  I keep catching myself taking deep, almost gasping breaths. Like that is going to change anything. It’s a very first-world problem, I know.  I feel a […]

Jul 31


(If this is your first visit, check out Best in Show for some posts that are both more and less depressing. ) 1 pair of men’s plaid pajama bottoms 1 grey t-shirt 1 book about Rosalind Franklin 1 electric guitar tuner 1,200 conversations auto-archived by Gmail 1 razor 1 tub of the kind of ice cream he […]

Jul 27

Rated D for Debbie Downer

I used to spend tons and tons of time wading through online dating sites, carefully parsing men’s profiles and trying to weigh such ethereal information–baseball caps bad, liberal good, too much emphasis on live shows, too little on books.  I tweaked my own profile relentlessly, striving to show myself in the best light that was […]