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Apr 26

11 Thing Thursday: An Occasional Feature

1. Self-promotion: DC people…I will once again be gracing–or perhaps awkwarding–a stage this weekend, trying to be funny, except this time the other people on stage will be actual performers who do this all the time, so…no pressure. It’s Saturday night in Adams Morgan. Comment or email me if you want details; it will be really […]

Mar 28

Self-Promotion, Baby Pics, Books, and Job Metaphors

A long overdue response to a tag by the lovely Trapped in North Jersey. I would like her to come decorate my home please.   1.  I will be performing, live and nervous and on stage, at a student showcase for Speakeasy DC on April 12.  I’m telling a version of a story from this […]

Feb 14

Ten Thing Whatever Day This Is

1. True or false: I should sing “Fancy” by Reba McEntire at live band karaoke on Wednesday. Did you know that I love karaoke? It’s true. I think saying that on my blog gives me the majority of the characteristics associated with narcissism. 2. Speaking of the DSM, do you think the men at my […]

Jan 25

Ten Thing Thursday: Unintentional Girl Power Edition

1. What’s your all-time favorite TV show?  This one sounds pretty good. The Greatest TV Show in the World …in my best estimation, the blueprint for the greatest television program the world has ever known. The year is 1914. The location, outer space. Tensions are running high between Mars-tria and Germoony. The United Asteroid Belt […]

Dec 28

25 Thing Thursday: 2011 Year in Review Questionnaire

(Quiz lifted from All & Sundry, for the second year in a row–though she hasn’t posted hers yet this year.) Please copy/paste for yourself! If you do post this on your own blog, link to your entry in the comments here and we will all be best friends. If you don’t have a blog, you can […]

Dec 15

10 Thing Thursday: Tidings of Comfort and Joy Edition

Updated to add my favorite things from last year: Christmas Cards for Single People Christmas Cards from Ex-Boyfriends I am going to be festive if it fucking kills me. I am planing so many holiday activities I don’t want to do, I will not have time to cry into my pillow before falling into bed alone […]

Dec 07

10 Thing Thursday: Concert Edition

This post brought to you in honor of Guns’n’Roses being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I apologize in advance for the many earworms I am about to inflict upon my fellow Generation Xers. 1. 1988: New Kids on the Block and Tiffany at the Ohio State Fair. We waited in line […]

Nov 23

10 Thing Thursday: Thankful Edition

1. I’m thankful that my mom is healthy and active and wonderful and that our relationship is so, so good. Being with her in Paris made me appreciate her even more than usual. One of my chief preoccupations lately is figuring out how we can see more of each other. I love that lady. 2. […]

Nov 17

Guest Post: 10 Thing Thursday: Kissing Bouncers, Priests, and Mannys

10 Thing Thursday is brought to you this week by a blogger who would prefer to remain anonymous, for reasons that will soon become clear. Meanwhile, in Paris, I am moving my mother through the Louvre at breakneck speed so that I can finish shopping and eat more cheese before flying back to DC tomorrow.   […]

Oct 19

Ten Thing Thursday: Lions and Goslings and Illness Edition

1. Lions and tigers and…you guys, those wild animals escaped in my mom’s town! She said it was absolutely nuts there–like, don’t let your dog out, no school nuts. I just heard Jack Hanna, former director of the Columbus Zoo and all around TV animal guy, say that there are only 1400 Bengal tigers left […]