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Best in Show

A few posts I’m not too ashamed of.


10 Signs You Are Reading Too Much George R.R. Martin…Winter is coming, homie.

8 Signs It Is PMS and Not A Worrisome New Mental Illness…Which is not to say that people aren’t actually assholes.

Two Times a Bridesmaid...Lions and tattoos and Jesus, oh my.

Tried-and-True Diet Tips Based on My Intuition and Therefore Sound

Christmas Cards for Single People…Passive-aggressive much?

Christmas Cards from Ex-Boyfriends…Surprise!

Six Different Types of 35-Year-Old Men…Yeah, you either know one or are one.

Seven Different Types of 35-Year-Old Women…Own it.

Why Guys Strike Out on Craigslist Personals…This one has the word clitoris in it

Emergency Egg Recall…Tick-tock.

Dear Everyone On the 42 Bus…Do. Not. Like. Hot.



Dating Do or Don’t: Connection, Companionship, Coitus, and Commitment

Always Listen to Your Heart, Except When It Lies…Loving people makes you so vulnerable to their capricious decisions and fickle desires.

Your Guide to Online Dating: Decoding the Email Address…This one has the word fellate in it

Your Guide to Online Dating: Sights on Sites…Where to meet a vegan yoga instructor or a man who lives with his mother

I Read Craigslist So You Don’t Have To…Thank me later

First Date Questionnaire: 30-Something Edition

Dear Me: Review the Rules Edition…What I would tell me if I were an advice columnist

Dating and Not Dating…They both have their charms, except for not dating

Dating Rules I Need to Remind Myself of Constantly…Did I tell you about the married guy yet?

Taking It to the Streets…Failed personal ad crowdsourcing

Scared Straight…er.  Ish…Fear, the gift that keeps on giving

The Common Denominator…Can it really be the fault of everyone but me?

Spoiled for Choice: Mars, Venus, Jam and The Rules


Wherever You Go, There You Are

We Would Have Lanterns Hanging In The Trees...Of all the lives I ever imagined for myself I could never have predicted how much I would crave the simple things I ran away from, nor how hard it would be to find them.

Dancing About ArchitectureA history of (something like) love

Turtle Soup and the Perfect Timeless Blog Post…The strangest summer of my life.

Could-Have-Been Love Story…Gather ye rosebuds while ye may/Old time is still a-flying

The Examined Life: Tipsy Floribbean Edition…Where the beers flow like tears

Pat…An elegy for my uncle

When I Grow Up (The Angsty Work Post)…What color is my parachute again?

A Brief History of Crime and Real Estate…Don’t steal this post.  I don’t want to have to deal with MPD.

Home, Where My Music’s Playing…Same river twice and all that

Geographic Cure…Wherever you go, there you are


The Toe of the Elephant…Tricked you! It’s about codependency.

The Lesson of the Shrink Dump...Not a fun lesson.

Things I Learned in Therapy (So Far)…Most of this seems true.

Noonday Demon…Better living through chemistry, maybe

Mojo Rising…SSRIs kill the part between your thighs