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About Me

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I’m trying to wring the joy out of each day and sporadically succeeding.

Ten Things to Know About Me

1. I was born in 1975
2. I have lived in DC since 1993, largely to no avail.
3. I’ve never been in love with someone who’s in love with me.
4. I’m a stealth introvert who loves karaoke.
5. Despite the navel-gazing quality of many of these posts, I’m actually very funny in person.
6. My PSAT score utterly changed the course of my life, and before I sat down to take the test I had never heard of it.
7. Secretly I think I still might achieve fame for something good someday, but I’d trade it for true love in a heartbeat.
8. I’ve been a fake redhead for so long that even my junior high school pictures don’t give me away. Sometimes I wonder if I actually am a redhead and just confused, and that reminds me that I’m blond.
9. I have an insane memory for song lyrics and random details about your life, but not so much for useful things like paying bills on time and to-do lists.
10. I am terrified to the point of breathlessness all the time that this is all there is, and at the same time grateful for all I have.