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Oct 18

Signs You May Have Made a Hasty Real Estate Decision

1.  You know ahead of time that your housewarming party will be potluck out of financial necessity.

2.  You keep accidentally calling your new neighborhood (Brookland) “Brokeland.”

3.  You and the U.S. now have approximately the same budget deficit.

4.  You maybe rushed things because of your ENORMOUS crush on your realtor. In retrospect, you should have slowed things down to spend more time with him so your love could bloom like a flower.

5.  You have begun spontaneously lecturing people on the looming housing crisis, because you know first-hand that they are literally just giving loans to ANYONE these days.

6.  Having spent your entire career in affordable housing, you know an affordable house when you see one! The house you bought is not one. (But the hardwood floors OMG!!!!!)

7.  Your mother can no longer sleep out of worry over your debt-to-income ratio, now sadly and permanently inverted.

8.  The sight of falling leaves in your current neighborhood — your DREAM neighborhood — makes you weepy because why are you leaving whyyyyyy.

9.  You consider taking a part-time job as a cleaning lady in order to keep your cleaning ladies in the new house, and this seems rational.

10.  No sleep til Brokeland, and probably after that too.



6 Responses to “Signs You May Have Made a Hasty Real Estate Decision”

  1. Slauditory says:

    Congratulations!!! This is my dream (minus the Brokeland part).

  2. mona says:

    owning a home is the best feeling in the world, I have been in my home since 2002, you will be ok, congrats!

  3. rooth says:

    Oooo BIG GIRL purchases! Really though, congratulations on your new digs. Make sure you show us the interior when you’ve decorated and furnished!

  4. Lisa says:


  5. saf says:

    Congrats from one who had to leave Mt Pleasant (where I wanted to be) for Petworth (place that I was VERY unfamiliar with). It all worked out nicely though, and I hope it will for you too.

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